2v0 Horseshoe

Drill Diagram

Drill Diagram


Option 1
X1 starts drill by skating down for a regroup pass.
X1 swings to outside lane, and X2 skates towards middle lane.
X1 and X2 exchange several passes in Neutral Zone
X1 goes in for a shot on Net
X2 swings to outside lane for regroup pass from X3.

Option 2
X1 (and X2) start drill by skating to far end.
X4 (and X3) make pass to X1 (and X2)
X1 carries puck around bottom of circle, and then makes a drop pass to X4
X4 skates a few strides, and then passes up ice to X1
X4 (and X3) continue and receives pass from next person in line at opposite end.

Notes: Drill runs continuously from both ends.
Switch sides half-way through.

Tags: Passes, Get below the blue for regroup pass