B/O Regroup 3v0 Flow

Drill Diagram


X1 starts drill by picking up a puck and skating behind net to make breakout pass to X2
X1 jumps into rush with X2 and X3, and they regroup on X4 and X5 in the neutral zone.
X1, X2 and X3 skate proper regroup patterns to support the defensemen.
X1, X2 and X3 carry puck in 3v0 against goalie.

After X4,X5 pass to the regrouping forwards, X6 skates down to pick up a puck from the corner and makes B/O pass to X4 and X5... and the drill then starts again from the opposite end. X7 and X8 jump out to play the defense in the NZ for X4, X5, X6 to regroup on.

Drill runs continuous.

Notes: This drill isn't position specific allowing players to play offensive/defensive positions throughout the drill.

Tags: Passing, Support the Puck