Overspeed Agility

Drill Diagram


1) Player starts at the edge of the circle and side steps to the center faceoff dot.
2) Player stops at the dot, then side steps back to the edge of the circle where he started.
3) Player quickly crosses over around the circle (feet moving quickly - focus on overspeed here).
4) Player continues around the circle, then skates out to the neutral zone faceoff dot.
5) Player pivots and skates backward to the opposite faceoff dot.
6) Player pivots forward, skates in for a shot on net.
7) Follow-up on rebounds.
NOTE 1: 5 push-ups every time the puck is lost.
NOTE 2: 10 push-ups if the next player in line catches the player.

Tags: Agility, Footwork, Overspeed Training, Quick Feet