Fun Skill Stations

Drill Diagram


Shootout -
Have players line up in two lines at the blue line. One line has players standing with a puck, the other line has the players starting on one knee. On coach's signalthe players take off towards the goal. The players with the puck is trying to score and the player without the puck is trying to catch up and take the puck away. If the player chasing is able to take the puck away, they can then shoot on the net.

Puck Chaos-
Players skate around 1/2 of the neutral zone controlling the puck.

Tag -
Players partner up, line up their sticks in a straight line and stand facing each other with the sticks in between them. Coach designates one player to start as "it". On go players must skate around the sticks (no jumping over, no reaching over) trying to tag their team mate.

Players should try to switch direction to catch their team mates. If players try to skate to far away from their sticks to avoid a tag, they are automictically it