Warm Up

Drill Diagram


Put pucks in opposite corners at opposite ends of the ice. Move the goal nets at each end to the opposite side of the rink. Create two lines of players, 1 with each pile of pucks. On the whistle, the first player in each line will leave with a puck, skate all the way down, stickhandling the puck. The player will shoot on the net, then continue to skate towards the other pile of pucks, pick one up and skate down the opposite side of the rink to shoot on the other net. Coaches need to be near nets to clear pucks out and add them to the piles and if there are other coaches, they should be helping keep the kids ready to go at each line if there is a pile up.
Finally if things are running well, coaches can skate with the kids and make sure they are stick handling and not pushing the puck.