Back Door Shot

Drill Diagram


Goalie starts on Near Post and T-pushes to Far Post, sets, and T-pushes to top corner of crease and sets facing neutral zone dot. On Coach's verbal cue ("Find it", "Go", "Pass", etc.), goalie turns head and finds puck before initiating butterfly slide + rotation. Goalie must pull trailing leg tight to lead leg once it hits the ice and close all other holes between arms and body before arriving at the near post. Coach shoots puck into goalie's chest as he fills space on the near post. Goalie should smother puck in "breadbasket" or direct rebound behind the goal line. Emphasize the control of the rebound and continuing to track the puck with the head and eyes after the save is made. Switch sides after set of 5 shots.

Notes: Goalie must turn head and find puck with eyes before initiating the BF slide to the post.
Visual attachment and tracking must be maintained throughout slide, save, and rebound.

Tags: Visual Lead, Tight Blocking Position, Rebound Control,