Full Ice 2 on 2 back check DUPLICATE

Drill Diagram


1)F3 makes breakout pass to F2 or F1. F3 is now back checker.
2)F1 and 2 head up against D 2 on 1 with F3 pursuing.
3)F1 and 2 go to get shot on net play is live for 5 seconds after first shot (till whistle)
4)F3 tries to make it back to make it 2 on 2.
5) on Whistle F3 can turn towards F5 or F4 and receive break out pass.
6)If F3 receives from F4 they become the offence and go 2 on 1 against D2.
7)D2 has stepped in to neutral zone and takes up gap on F3 and 4.
8)F5 becomes back checker.
9)after whistle F5 curls towards one corner and breaks out 2 on 1 with other corner becoming back checker and new D taking up gap in neutral zone.

Notes: Get corners calling out to back checker on transition to break out to encourage talk.

Tags: Backchecker and D talk, Hard net drive, D take pass away