Two Side Cycle

Drill Diagram

Drill Diagram


Part 1) X3 fires a hard cross-ice pass to X1 and cuts across the blue line. X1 enters the zone full speed and stops (delays) at the top of the circle along the wall and chips the puck softly down the wall. X3 cuts into the zone and picks up the puck. X2 drives hard along the wall behind the net. X3 leaves a drop pass for X2 - X3 continues to the weak-side post. X1 fills the high lane and drives the net. X2 passes to X1 for a shot - X2 stops near post for a rebound.

Part 2) C dumps a new puck into the opposite corner. X3 picks up the puck and cuts up the near wall. X1 goes to high support position and then drives down the wall. X3 leaves a drop pass for X1. X2 fills high slot lane, then quickly drives to the net. X3 fills high slot. X1 passes to X2 or X1 for a shot.

Tags: Cycle, Drop Passes, Chip Play, High Slot Coverage