YI Warmup

Drill Diagram

Animation #1   


1. F1's start on whistle
2. Perform give and go with D1's
3. Perform give and go with F2's
4. Drive outside lane for shot
5. After give and go, D1's slide across blueline, facing D2's, get pass from D2's and shoot

Notes: 1. Note that the D's shoot first followed by the F's (simulates rebound shot for the goalies)
2. If D's struggle to get shot off quickly, then F's can delay
3. F1 can circle back to net to play point shot (deflection, screen, etc.)
4. F's start on whistle

Tags: 1. Stick close to ice, 2. Under-stickhandle, 3. Keep feet moving, 4. D shoot knees down