Circle Drill

Drill Diagram


Quick drill that can be used as a warmup.
Skating, passing and shooting all used.
Player 1 in the middle receives pass from side board (Player 2).
Player 1 passes right back to Player 2.
Player 1 moves in one direction around circle (quick feet).
Opposite boards-Player 2 passes to Player 1.
Player 1 takes the puck in for a shot on net.

4 Feet Passes - Need to be on the stick and quick, hard.

Step 2: You can incorporate 2 D in the drill. They start behind Player 1. Once Player 1 finishes passing to Player 2, D skates opposite way backwards around circle to meet Opposite Player 1 for a 1-on-1.

Tags: Quick Passing, Quick Feet, Head Up, Shooting on the Move