Team Green 3 Player Fly

Drill Diagram


Players in all four corners with pucks. Half ice drill with lines at same ends working together. X1, X2, X3 all leave without pucks at the same time. X1 skates full circle and up the boards, X2 skates tops and bottoms and up the boards on opposite side of zone, X3 skates up the boards and cuts to the center of the ice at the red line looking for opposite corner pass from X4 (pass must be hard for redirect or one touch to either X1 or X2 coming up boards). X4 passes hard to X3 who redirects or one touches to either X1 or X2, then immediately continues to the slot for a second pass coming from X5 for a catch and shoot. X1 and X2 catch touch pass from X3, continue to redline, regroup and come back to same end on a 2-0 for a second shot. Advanced players, require X1 and X2 to pass, drop pass, pass prior to a quick shot, drive the net for a rebound. Opposite side X4, X5, and X6 conduct same drill from opposite side. Both ends conducting same drill simultaneously to max number of players moving.

Notes: 2nd Version of this drill is Team Green 3 Player Fly 2 on 1 - same drill, but X3 turns into a defensive player after the catch and shoot. After shot, X3 immediately stops, gaps up to X1 and X2, and takes the 2 on 1.

Tags: Skating, timing, passing, shooting, and communication.