3 Shot greaser

Drill Diagram


InstructionsSetup:Line up players in the neutral zone facing the goal.A coach or player stands at the bottom of one faceoff circle.Pucks behind the net.Pucks in one corner.Pucks in the neutral zone.The Drill:The first player carries a puck in and passes to person at bottom of the faceoff circle.The player continues to skate while calling for pass.Crash the net and play the rebound, if any.Go behind net and retreive a 2nd puck. Use quickness and deception to get a good wraparound shot.Skate through the corner and pick up a third puck and cycle out of corner for another shot on goal.Crash the net and look for a rebound.Options:No Rebound attempts. (I don't like this but it does reward "snipers" rather than "diggers")After shooting the 3rd puck, the shooter replaces the low circle passer (X1) for the next player.After shooting the 3rd puck, go back to the corner for a 4th puck and pass it to the next player to start the next player into the drill. (remove pucks from the neutralzone)Instead of shooting the 3rd puck, pass it to the next player in line who is crashing from the blue line. (This becomes a 2 shot Greaser then)

Notes: Thanks to Mike McCormack for this one

Tags: Head up while skating., Look for the net., The goalie should be out of focus and the twine in focus., Scrap hard for rebounds., Shoot while moving the feet.