Meat Grinder

Drill Diagram


1.) Players play 3-on-3 in confined area in front of net.
2.) Coaches are on both sides of ice. One coach plays for the red team and one for the green team.
3.) Green starts by trying to find open ice to receive pass from their coach while trying to score a goal.
4.) Red team plays man-to-man trying to prevent the green team from scoring.
5.) If green team loses puck, makes bad pass or misses shot, the possession immediately changes to the red team and their coach tries to get them a puck from his pile of pucks.

Notes: - Kids tire very quickly if drill performed properly. Have two teams of three ready on stand by to take next round.
- Each coach should have good supply of pucks and the transition of possession changes rapidly.

Tags: - Find open ice, - Keep feet moving, - Defender must keep body/stick on his man., - Protect the 'House'.