Greyhound Stretch

Drill Diagram

Animation #1   


-Continuous drill after first whistle and same instructions for both sides
-X1 and O1 leave on the whistle
-X2 passes to X1 skating backwards
-X1 touch passes back to X2 then X1 pivots fwd
-X1 rounds face off dot and receives a pass from 02
-X1 touches pass back to O2 then rounds face off dot into stretch along the blue line
-X2 passes a stretch pass to X1 at the far blueline
-Once X2 makes the stretch pass, he pivots backwards and skates along the blueline and X3 replaces him as the passer
-X1 enters zone and takes a shot

Notes: If players make a bad pass, passer should grab a new puck from the pile. Keep the flow going and have a lot of extra pucks. Once player starts pattern he/she should not stop (learn to ignore errant passes and continue on with the pattern)

-This drill is an excellent warm up drill to get the legs going and involve the goalies. Over a long season continuous use of this drill will help develop better passing on the team.

Tags: Touch passes, Timing, Warmup