Fwd Station Drill

Drill Diagram


fwd line at one side of the Red line.
#1 Mind Field
setup place a ton of pucks in the face of dot and three pylons above circle. Fwd line at the red line
weave through pylons in to the circle stick handle as fast as possible around the pucks doing what ever you want.
#2 puck support passing square
place 4 pylons into square with 3 players 1 at each pylon pass the puck to other player and skate to open pylon for a support pass continuous drill
#3 face the puck passing
1 stationary player passing to another player skating around the circle facing the puck at all times.

Notes: one player from Drill #2 & #3 switch when they hear the whistle. do the mindfield for approx 10/15 seconds per player. keep it moving

Tags: puck control, passing, stick handling