15 in Ten Minutes

Drill Diagram

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The goal is to score 15 goals in 10 minutes.
Forwards against Defensemen
Four parts to the drill:
1st Part - F1 skates in with a puck and shoots. F2 starts at same time curls and receives a pass from coach. D1 skates in towards blue line and plays 2 on 1. F1 & F2 go 2 on 1.
2nd Part - D2 & D3 step out after F1 & F2 enter the Offensive zone.
Part 3 - F1 & F2 curl to opposite sides and F7 skates out with a puck and passes to F1 (Make sure the lane is open)
D 3 & D4 step out. Go 3 on 2 to the other end.
Part 4 - The highest forward (F7) curls about mid slot and receives a pass from coach and goes 1 on 0.