Regroup Misdirection

Drill Diagram


Players are divided into four equal groups. Defense groups are positioned at opposite diagonal ends at the hash marks of each faceoff circle. The Forwards two groups positioned at the opposite diagonal sides of the center ice faceoff circle with pucks. On the whistle the first two players in line at the opposite diagonal hash marks, skate up around the neutral zone faceoff dot, positioned just outside the blueline, pivots and skates backwards and receives a pass from the line of players positioned on the center ice faceoff circle. After receiving the pass the player pivots, opens up the middle of the ice and passes it to the player that passed him the puck and has skated to a good lateral position to receive the puck back near the boards. He then skates the puck wide down the ice to the blueline and cuts to the middle of the ice dropping the puck for a misdirection at the top of the circles to the player that passed him the puck on the regroup continues to the front of the net for a rebound created from the shot from the player he dropped it to.

Notes: Does not hurt to have all players try each line
Thanks to the Phoenix Coyotes for this drill

Tags: Communication, Passing, Passing angles