6 Station Give and Go/ Suppor C/W Picturet

Drill Diagram


Divide the players into 6 groups. One group in each of the four corners of the rink the other two at the red line facing opposite directions (the corner with the pucks). The pucks in opposite diagonal corners. The players in opposite diagonal corners start with a puck at the same time and pass the puck to the player in the opposite corner and skates to the player to support and create a good recieving angle and recieves the puck back, then skates toward the player at the red line of the same side he started on, passes the puck to that player in line and recieves it back and finishes with a shot on goal, ending up in the line at opposite corner that he started. (the player that receives the puck and after he passes it back is to sprint to the next line.)

Notes: Use a behind the net boards pass for as a variable 1st pass

Tags: Passing and supporting the puck with proper angles