1-on-1 Three Puck Battle Drill

Drill Diagram


1.) Divide ice into two sections. Play will be confined to each individual section simultaneously.
2.) Coach dumps first puck in designated area.
3.) First player in each line races to gain possession of and protect puck.
4.) Play continues for 15 seconds and a second puck is now dumped into area.
5.) First puck is now dead and the same two players race to new puck and try to retain possession for another 15 seconds.
6.) After 15 seconds, a third puck is dumped into area.
7.) Same two players now race to third puck to gain possession and move to take a shot on net.
8.) Following shot on net, the drill is completed.

Notes: - Alternate each area by the 15 seconds on their start time so the goalie is able to alternate between each battle area.
- Drill works better if the battle area can be restricted to 1/4 of the neutral zone (for full-sheet practices).

Tags: - Protect puck, - Get physical, - Keep feet moving