Big Buff net tough

Drill Diagram


Drill starts with F1 facing the boards with the puck. D1 is on Fwd ready to battle. On "go" F1 must hold possession of the puck for 3-5 seconds until coach yells "Open" (or pass - you make the choice). F1 tries to get puck to D2 who will walk the line for a shot. F1 will then drive the net. D1 who has been trying to prevent F1 from making the pass up to the D will now try to prevent F1 from getting to the net cleanly. Upon goal, goalie covering it or D1 passing to F2 (simulating defence breakout pass) then (C) will call "new puck" and (C) will rim the puck to D2 for 2nd shot. D2 walks for shot but now F1/D1 are batting net front for position. Play it out until goal, covered, or breakout pass. Including if it goes behind the net.

Note: D1 is trying to prevent F1 from sending puck up to the D - (C) if D1 over commits and takes away the boars but gives up the middle of the ice - tell the Fwd to pass OR tell them in advance they can drive the net if D gives the lane to them.

Tags: D: Stay between man and the net while on boards battle., Don't "chase the shoulder", Use stick and feet, Don't reach with two hands unless in a battle, When going to the net - must beat fwd. Feet must be moving, Don't rely on your stick to hook, Know where the puck is, , Fwd - quick feet to get D to commit to one side, Always looking over shoulder to find pass - or net drive,