Mind Field

Drill Diagram


Split up team into two groups.
Setup - lots of pucks in the circles to create a mind field of pucks. staggered pylons from BL to BL as many as you want. Pucks at the end of group 1 lines.
Group #1- Start in opposite corners at the goal line. Front X is on hash marks receives a pass from last X then heads up ice cornering around staggered pylons, then into mind field of pucks stick handle for approx 5 seconds ( C to blow the whistle ) then go and shoot on goalie. While X1 is going X that passed the puck tries to score on goalie on the short side until they hear the whistle so goalie can face X1.

Group #2- does a pass circle. cross ice passes
1- pass control,receive puck stickhandle twice, pass.
2- Quick pass, Receive & pass away without stick handling
3- Follow the pass, pass & skate to where passed. receiver waits to pass until skater gets there.
4- skate around circle while passing. Drop or cross ice.
5- 1 touch, move in tight & 1 touch as quicks as possible.

Notes: 5-7 mins for each group to do each drill. Need lots of pucks.

X in the mind field be creative, have fun with it ( behind the back, thru the legs )quick hands, if you lose the puck grab another and keep going. Start slow if needed and see how fast you can get

Passing circle, player keep sticks down even when following their pass, even when skating around circle. Always be ready for pass

Tags: Puck Control, Creativity