D Man Mobility Two

Drill Diagram


Both ends go at the same time, Sequence for defense is pass right, pass left, 3 crossovers left or right, then 6 back, then 3 back, skate ahead and pick up puck and skate down ice for a shot.
Forwards start on all four corners of blue line.
Pucks at center.
Defense start at blue line in middle of ice, D picks up puck, back peddles, forward far right side of that Dman skates down ice towards defense man, curls to middle, gets pass from D, D then goes back to middle of ice, stops, and skates forward and gets another puck, back peddles, to blue line and hits forward on the left side with a pass, D then gets to middle again and does crossovers, then picks up puck and skates down ice for shot on goalie.