3 on 2 c/w Back Checker - Copy 1

Drill Diagram


On whistle coach will dump puck in so goalie can stop it, players start breaking out 5 0n 0.
Players skate down ice to set up 5 on 3 power play.
D1 & D2 will be joined by X1 who is a back checker, he will be released on whistle.
Where the puck is located at time of release he will read what he is supposed to do.(Puck on their side of red line he will apply pressure, if puck is on his side of red line he will be passive and pick up open man as he enters his end of ice).
Drill will continue as a 5 0n 3 till puck is in net or froze or cleared out of the zone.

Notes: Dump puck into opposite end so goalie are playing puck as well as stopping it during drill.

Tags: Backchecking, PP alignment for 3 on 3, Passing, Breakout,