Oil Drill 1 - Copy 1

Drill Diagram


Coach dumps puck into zone, D1 skates backwards, pivots and retrieves puck and skates behind net with puck and passes to F1 before he cuts up ice.
F2 swings low and drives up opposite side of ice for a pass from F1.
F2 skates with puck and passes it to D2, D2 then skates backwards with puck as fowards cross in front of him, D2 will then pass to F1 (foward that didnt have puck), as this has happened D1 was followed play up ice so he can ingage F1 & F2 in a 2 on 1.
F1 & F2 go down ice for a 2 on 1.
Drill continues with coach dumping puck into opposite end so D2 & F3 & F4 can continue drill opposite direction.
D3 will replace D1.

Notes: If coach doesnt want to dump puck in pucks can be placed behind net for them to pick them up.

Tags: Passing, Heads Up, Skating, Timing