Flow / Low Shot / NZ Regroup

Drill Diagram


Start of with one forward, he passes to defense, they proceed with a D to D pass, then return it back to forward who takes shot on goalie.
Progression will be 2 forwards, one from both sides, then 3 forwards, two from puck side and one from far side.
When running one and two forwards both sides can go at same time, when three forwards are going, it will have to run one way then the other way.

Notes: When running drill with two forwards the forward will shoot to far pad on ice and time it out for the other forward to get there for rebound (shot has to be of good quality, and timing has to be right)forward with puck might have to delay so late forward can get to net, second forward will have to skate harder to get there for the shot.
When you have 3 on 0 happening, add defense so it becomes a 3 on 2 situation, (If coach blows his whistle, then forwards pass to opposing defenseman, regroup and attack 3 on 2 back the other way.