2 v 1 - 2 Pass Drop

Drill Diagram


F1 passes across ice to F2 on the move out of the zone.
F2 Skates out of the zone and leaves a drop pass at the cone for F1.
F1 picks up drop pass and skates into the zone. Makes a read on the D. Resulting in driving to the net for shot or pass to F2.
F2 skates into the zone after drop pass (Staying on side) driving to the net ready for pass or rebound.
After drill skaters move to opposite lines and reload.

Notes: Defensive player can be coached to force one option or the other. Shooter to place shoot low far pad setting up rebound for other forward.

Tags: Skate with head up. Place drop pass correctly. Read the 2 on 1., Shot to be Low far pad forcing rebound for drill, Drive to the net.