2-0 to 1-1

Drill Diagram


Move nets. Get players in 2 lines below goalline. Player O1 starts on whistle while player X1 waits and passes the puck a few strides after O1 takes off. O1 skates with puck. X1 has to catch up and pass O1. When X1 gets ahead of O1, O1 passes the puck back to X1. They pass the puck back and forth until X1 ends up with the puck and takes the shot. Right after O1 passes the last time, he peels off and goes around the con, pivots and starts back ward skating. After X1 shoots, he peels off and collects a pass from coach. This now turns into a 1 on 1 with O1 becoming the D and X1 becoming the F.

As soon as X1 and O1 hit the red line, X2 and O2 should start.

Make sure players switch lines so each get to pass off of their forehand and backhand and get to play D and F.

It is a continuous drill.

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