Double 2 on 0, Long/Touch Passing

Drill Diagram


First guy in each line start, one guy makes pass to far guy.

They make as many long passes up the ice as possible

When hitting the far dot guy with puck takes it, both go behind the net, Talk and keep heads up!!!

Come around the net and make tight touch passes inside hashmarks.

When you hit the blue line, one guy keeps puck goes around his cone and shoots as quick as possible. Second guy goes around his cone and goes to net for the rebound.

Talking and keeping your head up are very important!!

Make passes on the tape. Communicate who makes first pass, who goes where behind the net, who takes shot.

Outside passers stay outside of the dots, inside passers stay as tight between the dots as possible. When group in front of you goes behind the net, next group goes.

Tags: Long/Short Passing, On the Tape Passes, Quick/Head Up, Talking, Angle Shot/Drive Net for Rebound