1-D Breakout, 2on 0, D Follow up Point Shot

Drill Diagram


All players line up in center ice circle with Coach

1 D out to blue line, 2 forwards out to red line

On whistle, D sprints to red line, F's to far blue line

D skates backwards to pick up puck, shoulder checks, curl in to pick up puck, keep head up

Forwards sprint down to breakout spot on hashmarks

Coach will forecheck D, D decides to carry puck around and make direct pass, or stop behind the net, come out other way

F's read the play and support for outlet pass

Carry down the ice 2 on 0, shot from outside, inside guy goes to net for rebound.

D follows up to blue line, picks up puck, brings it to middle of the ice for shot from the point

Tags: Quick Feet, Solid D Pivots, Tape to Tape Pass, Call for puck, Shoot for rebound, D Shot on net