D Breakouts

Drill Diagram


Sequence #1:
Coach dumps puck into corner. First D goes back to pick up puck, wheels hard around net, cutting the net and driving right up the middle. Skate puck to blue line. Next two guys in line go to breakout spots on hash marks. Breakout D goes back retrieves 2nd dumped in puck, takes it behind net, stops at far post and reverses out the other way, passes to guy on boards. Follows up to blue line, retrieves next dumped puck wheels around the net and hits guy on boards. The last guy to get pass follows up to blue line and repeats pattern.

Sequence #2:
Two D start at blue line, back up to slot, coach hits one D with pass he pulls it back and goes D to D to sagging partner. The D who passes supports by curling underneath the pass to partner. Carry up to blue line, coach dumps into corner, D make D to D pass behind the net. Follow up to blue line, then go back for 3rd puck, the D who gets the puck carries around net and partner reads and calls for a reverse. D then carry out of the zone.

Tags: Quick Feet, Solid Pivots, Look over shoulder, Good Passes