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Midget/High School
Midget/High School
passing, moving up ice, head up, put it on the tape, strong passes, cross behind your team mate.
Midget/High School
Good strong passes, move the puck up the ice, keep spacing to half the ice - dont spread out creating longer passes up the ice.
Midget/High School
Head up before you pass, pass early and put it on your team mates tape, keep you stick on the ice and give a good target, accept the pass on your forehand as much as possible.
Midget/High School
Communication Solid Passes
Passing, Timing, shooting
Midget/High School
Passing,weight transfer, tape to tape, head up first, look where you are passing.
Breakout, goalies playing pucks.
Midget/High School
Head up skating
Midget/High School
Midget/High School
Head up, pass on the tape, hand should width apart, puck in the middle of my stick.
Midget/High School
Passing while moving, quick passing, always facing the passer
Re-grouping, timing and passing


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