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Getting Started with Stat Tracking at HockeyShare.com

Below is a quick step-by-step guide to help you get started tracking your hockey team's statistics with HockeyShare.com. Please read these directions carefully, as they answer many common questions we receive about this feature. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Register for a HockeyShare.com account by visiting our registration page. If you're already registered, log in using the login box on the right-hand side of the screen.


Add a New Team - Click on Track Stats link under the Coaches menu. You will see a link to Add a New Team. Click that link and fill in the details of your team. Options are explained below:

Team Name - the full name of the team you're tracking stats for (ex - 2007-2008 Kenosha Komets Varsity)

Short Name - the abbreviated name of the team you're tracking stats for (ex - Komets Varsity)

Age Class - age classification for the team (ex - Squirt, Peewee, Novice, etc.)

Location - the general location of the team. This information is used in team searches. (ex - Kenosha, WI)

Team Logo - team/club logo (must be .jpg or .gif format)

Require Password - this option will require ALL users to enter a password before they're able to view any of the team pages. This password should be different than your login password, as everyone who wants to view the team page will need to be given this password.

Hide Stats - this option will hide the team and player statistics from all viewers except the person tracking the stats (when logged in). This feature is handy if you want to keep track of your team's stats, but don't want the players/parents to see them during the season.

Add players to your roster by choosing the My Teams option from the Coaches menu. Click on Add Player to add a player to your roster. Note: The "My Teams" page will be your main page for administering the team.


Specify your home rink by choosing the Home Rink option from your My Teams page. Specifying a home rink allows the HockeyShare system to automatically create driving directions to your road games (if you enter/choose a visiting rink address). This is a great time-saver feature and keeps you from having to manually get the directions and email them out to everyone.

View Example of Driving Directions

Add games to your schedule by choosing the Add Games option from your My Teams page. If you're entering a road game, you're able to select an existing rink from our database or enter in the name and address of a rink. Entering this information will allow our system to automatically generate driving directions from your home rink. The directions can be found by clicking the globe icon on the team's schedule page.

Add team announcements by choosing Add New to the right of Announcements on your My Teams page. Announcements are a good way to let your team know about the latest news, schedule changes, etc.

Enter game results and statistics by choosing the Enter Game Results/Stats option from your My Teams page. This page will allow you to enter the following game information: score, shots on goal, game notes (not visible to the public), games played, goals, assists, +/-, PIM, shots on goal, faceoffs won, faceoffs lost, faceoffs tied, saves, goals against and minutes played.


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