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Players Drills and Videos


Christmas Tree Drill - 1._Christmas_Tree_Drill_compressed.pdf
4 Lines - 2._4_Lines_Compressed.pdf
3 Lanes - 3._3_Lanes_Drill_compressed.pdf
Swedish Pimple Drill - 4._Swedish_Pimple_compressed.pdf
Iron Cross Drill - 5._Iron_Cross_Drill_compressed.pdf
Circle Drill 1 - 6._Circles_Drill_1_compressed.pdf
Circle Drill 2 - 6a._Circles_Dril_2_compressed.pdf
Figurge 8 Drill - 6b._Figure_8_Circle_Drill_compressed.pdf
 Edge Work/Puck Control

Power Edge Drill - 1._Power_Edge_Drill_Compressed.pdf
Wild Cat Drill and Bank Drill - 2._Wild_Cat_Drill_and_Bank_Drill_compressed.pdf
4 Deke, Tight Turn Drill - 3._4_Dekes_Tight_Turn_Drill_compressed.pdf
Drive To The Net Drill - 4._Drive_to_the_net_drill_compressed.pdf


7 Pylon Relay race Drill - 1._7_Pylon_Relay_Race_compressed.pdf
Battle Drill - 2._Battle_Drill_compressed.pdf
Stop and Start Battle Drill - 3._Stop_and_Start_Battle_Drill_compressed.pdf
5 Puck Shootout Drill - 4._5_puck_shootout_drill_compressed.pdf
Pivot Battle Drill
4 Line Relay Race Drill


Stationary Passing Drill - 1._Stationary_Passing_Drill_compressed.pdf
Star Drill - 2._Star_Drill_compressed.pdf
Pass Off The Boards Drill - 3._Pass_off_the_boards_drill_compressed.pdf
1st Pass Drill - 4._1st_Pass_Drill_compressed.pdf
Lead The Pass Drill - 5._Lead_The_Pass_Drill_compressed.pdf
3 Zone Passing Drill - 6._Three_Zone_Passing_Drill_compressed.pdf 
How to give and receive a pass VIDEO - http://youtu.be/zrhRv-OEhI0
How to receive the puck off the boards VIDEO - http://youtu.be/kuZABXbVMgc


Stationary 5 Shooter Drill - 1._Stationary_5_Shooter_Drill_compressed.pdf
Triple Shot Drill - 2._Triple_Shot_Drill_compressed.pdf
Pivot Drill - 3._Pivot_Drill_compessed.pdf
Figure 8 shooting and Deflection Drill - 4._Figure_8_shooting.pdf
3 pylon Rebound Drill - 5._3_Pylon_Drill.pdf
7 Cone Angling Drill
How to take a wrist shot VIDEO - http://youtu.be/MqYx_FYiAAg

Positioning and Systems

Defensive Zone Faceoff - 1._Defesive_Zone_Face_off_positioning_compressed.pdf
Defensive/Neurral Zone Shorthanded Faceoff - 2._Defesive_Neutral_Zone_Face_off_Short_handed_compressed.pdf
Neutral Zone Faceoff - 3._Neutral_Zone_Face_off_compressed.pdf
Offensive Zone Faceoff - 4._Offensive_Zone_Face_off_compressed.pdf
Defensive Zone Positioning Basic Movement - 5._Box__1_Coverage_compressed.pdf
5 Card Skating Drill - 6._5_Card_Skating_Drill.pdf
2-1-2 Forcheck F1,F2,F3 - 7._2_1_2_forecheck_Drill_compessed.pdf
Attack Triangle Sequence Drill - 8._Attack_Triangle_Sequence.pdf
Breakout Progression Drill - 9._Breakout_Progression_Drill.pdf
Oakville Breakout Drill
Midget Breakout Drill
Learn How To Take A Faceoff VIDEO (Watch The Top two First) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwKIZfh8s6c&feature=em-share_video_user

Checking and Angling 

1v1,2v1 Drill - 1._1v1_2v1_Dril_compressedl.pdf
Checking and Angling Drill - 2._Checking_and_Angling_Drill_compressed.pdf
Backcheck Drill - 3._Backcheck_drill_compressed.pdf
Drive Drill Race - 4._Drive_Drill_Race.pdf




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