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A Different Approach - Re-think Your Coaching Process

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About the Program

A Different Approach is designed to give you a fresh perspective on your season. In this program we focus on the elements of planning and building with intention. Each chapter contains a video segment describing in detail the topic of the week and offers application questions to get the most out of the series. The program is broken down into 18 chapters (plus two bonus chapters) and will be delivered to you once a week. This delivery method will help you stay focused on the process and present the content in a manageable manner. Over the course of 18 weeks, you will see your insight into your team as well as your coaching ability reach new heights. If you are a coach looking to do the extra work to set yourself apart, this is the program for you. Get started today with a free 2-week trial.

"I have known and worked with Eric Hoffberg for over 10 years. His approach to building high performance team cultures works great in the world of hockey just the way it would in any realm that cares about getting the best you can out of your people. His concepts are creative yet simple and actually make a difference. As coaches we all need good reminders and good ideas for how to put an emphasis on strengthening self-leadership skills so that we can build collective mental toughness and for how to get every team member to take ownership of the way they show up on the ice by first taking ownership of the way they are thinking."
Barry Trotz - Head Coach of Washington Capitals

About the Authors

Eric Hoffberg and Kevin Muller both share a similar passion for hockey and leadership development. The two teamed together in late 2013 to develop A Different Approach - an exciting and unique combination of Eric's mental toughness training techniques coupled with Kevin's hands-on knowledge of the current state of hockey.

Eric Hoffberg

Eric HoffbergEric Hoffberg spent 16 years coaching hockey, college, then pro. Originally from Rochester NY, Hoffberg was the head coach at RIT all through the 90’s. Today, Hoffberg works as both a Corporate Coach for leaders and executives across the country that are looking to build High Performance Cultures and as a Mental Toughness Trainer for athletes that are looking for a greater understanding of how to focus under pressure. He is the author of two great books for training attitude and mindset.

Kevin Muller

Kevin MullerKevin is founder and owner of HockeyShare.com - a world renowned resource for hockey coaches. In addition to overseeing HockeyShare, Kevin currently coaches AAA hockey in the States and has traveled the US and Canada providing high-quality skill instruction focusing on specialized skating and shooting techniques. Kevin shares a passion for developing winning cultures within teams while using cutting-edge technology to enhance and accelerate the training process.

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