Michigan Tech 1 on 1

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Ice Hockey Drill Diagram

Ice Hockey Drill Diagram


1. on whistle, (D) and (F) leave from each side of the ice (4 players at the same time).
2. (D) do a figure 8 around the cones, then make a breakout pass to the (F) swinging through
3. After making the pass, (D) closes gap on the (F) from the opposite line to play him 1 on 1
4. If coach blows the whistle twice, the (F)'s change direction and play the 1 on 1 with the other (D)
5. Coach can blow the whistle multiple times during the same turn. (D) must continue to close the gap with each switch.

Notes: This drill can also be run as a 2 on 1 - see second diagram

Category: Competitive
Tags: Passing, Gap Control, Transitions
Posted By: weissie20 (Used in 22 Plans) Created: 2013-10-05, Last Modified 2013-10-05


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