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What is 10,000 Pucks?

Hockey Player Shooting Puck

10,000 Pucks is designed to allow players to track their shots 365 days a year. Our goal with this platform is not simply focused on the quantity of shots, but on the setting and achieving of goals for hockey players. Best of all, 10k Pucks is free for all users.

Getting Started is Easy

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Getting Started

Shoot pucks, track your progress
Manage and track a group of players
Manage and track multiple teams


10k Pucks by the Numbers

Shots recorded since 2007: 60,928,024

Number of currently active players: 50,423

Number of shots recorded in most recent summer: 2,501,758

Number of active teams: 5,897

Number of active associations: 1,171

First year of 10k Pucks: 2007

Number of days per year you can track shots: 365



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