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1v2 Get Open Passing Game

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O's line up 3 on each side of the yellow lines. In the middle 1 O and 2 Xs line up. Puck starts with an outside O. Objective of the game is to move the puck from the outside Os to the inside O by moving the puck to create coverage openings.

Rules: defending Xs may not cross the yellow lines, Os may pass to any other O, point scored by passing to middle O and having middle O return the puck to ANY outside O player.

Notes: Can modify the number of players in the middle of the ice (2v3, 2v2, etc)

Category: Small Game
Tags: Small Game, Passing Lanes, Getting Open
Posted By: HockeyShare Drills (Used in 11 Plans) Created: 2023-08-06, Last Modified 2023-08-06


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