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In-Zone Skill Sequences

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D1 moves from middle to wall and presents a target, gets a pass from F1, walks to middle, passes to D2 who moves outside and immediately gets ready to shoot the return pass from D2.

F1 starts up the half-wall, fakes a south wall move and proceeds around the top of the circle and shoots in stride.

F1 proceeds to opposite corner and gets a pass from F2, one-touch passes to F3, and cuts back to the net. F2 continues around the top of the circle, gets a pass from F3, shoots a quick catch and release shot. F2 & F3 play rebound.

Notes: D movement can be power play movement patterns. F1 & F2 can do specific shot releases. Older players can do one-timers if appropriate.

Category: Shooting
Tags: D Movement Patterns, Quick Shot Releases, Give & Go
Posted By: HockeyShare Drills (Used in 3 Plans) Created: 2016-06-17, Last Modified 2016-06-17


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