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Viking 5 Credit



Defensemen are set at opposite hash marks in each end – with pucks. Forwards are spread out at all for blue lines in the NZ against the boards. Drill begins with D1 using an “escape” move while handling the puck. At the same time, X1 is leaving his position and creating a good passing outlet for D1. D1 make a direct, tape-to-tape pass to X1. X2 skates below X1 and times his path to receive a drop-pass near the middle of the ice. X1 touches the puck to X2 with a drop-pass. X1 continues to skate through the NZ looking to gain speed. D1 follows up the play through the NZ. X2 skates a few strides and fires it to O2. O2 steps out in front of his line and deflects, tips, or touches the puck to D2. X1 continues to skate through the NZ looking to gain speed. D1 continues to follow up the play through the NZ. X2 and X1 cross inside the far blue line and head back up ice. D2 steps out and sends a rink-wide pass to O1. O1 touches it or sends it cross-ice to create a 2-on-1 for X1 and X2 against D1. Drill is continuous and begins again with D2 making an “escape” move and looking to hit O1.

Category: Competitive
Tags: Timing is essential, Passing variety and Receiving , Offensive Creativity, Skating with speed, Communication
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