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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

2 -0 Indirect Pass and Drop Pass



X1/O1 carry puck behind net and starts up ice through face off circle
X3/O3 arc across ice providing passing options
X1/O1 bank puck off boards to space behind defence man, allowing X3/O3 to skate onto puck
X3/O3 pick-up puck and drive either outside or middle lane
X1/O1 fills other lane
X3/O3 gains blue line and cuts outside to middle or middle to outside lane, makes drop pass then goes hard to net
X1/O1 reads the cut, picks up drop pass and goes to net for shot

Notes: Start on GO
Return to original end in other line
Each through twice and then change sides
No need to Rush

Category: Passing
Tags: Proper passes, Trailer reads puck carrier - Timing, Shoot pass option
Posted By: Retreads (Used in 178 Plans) Created: 2013-08-19, Last Modified 2014-08-25


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