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Split Ice Shooting Relay/ 3 on 3



Divided into 2 teams, one half of ice is 3 on 3, other half is Shooting/Skating Relay Competition

3 guys from each team start out in opposite corners.

First guy goes around the top of the circle and shoots between cones into net. Picks up a puck in corner skates around high dot and shoots between high cones into net. He then tight turns around cones on his side, out around, touches blue line, skates around far cones, goes to net, and receives pass from teammates in corner for one-timer.

*If you miss net on any shot, team must start over with next guy in line*

Team wins when all 3 guys complete the 3 shot sequence.

When relay is done, we will switch stations. Do as many times as it goes. If you want to play 3 on 3, you will work hard and hit the net on all shots.

Each 3 on 3 game will have score kept. Higher score at the end of each game counts as 1 point for that team. The team to win the relay race gets 1 point each time. Scores added up at end for winner. Losers pick up the pucks

Category: Competitive
Tags: Fast as You Can, Hit the Net, Work Hard/Score, Cheer each other
Posted By: tizzy2285 (Used in 27 Plans) Created: 2011-05-20, Last Modified 2013-06-03


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