Continuous Flow

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  • Last Modified: 2016-03-02
  • Drill Status: Public
  • Drill used in 32 practice plans
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Timing, Passing, Flow


1) X1 and X2 begin heading up ice passing back and forth
2) X2 passes to X3 when he reaches the far blue - drives to the net and gets a pass from Coach - shoots
3) X3 steps out to about the faceoff dots and heads up ice
4) X1 curls to the farside boards
5) X3 and X1 pass back and forth up ice
6) X1 passes to X4....drill continues


Drill Comments

2 comments found

Posted by Espanolamiller on 05/03/09

I like this one, we did something similar this year with our 10 year olds, i think we can easily up the ante with this drill Thanks

Posted by MMcG on 09/16/09

I like this - teaches good quick one touch passing, as well as good angling transition/breakout passes.

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