Heads up Drill

Drill Diagram


players and pucks in alternate corners at alternate ends of the ice. 3 players leave from each corner every whistle. 1st player skates to the cones at the far blue line, 2nd player skates to the cones at the red line and the 3rd player skates to the cones at the closest blue line. Players skate across the ice through the cones and then back towards the end where the left from. This should create players intersecting with each other and the need to get their heads up and see what is coming.

KEP's - Anson and Ryan - Pucks back in the corners (anson, ryan and rob to demonstrate) other coaches ensure boys are paying attention.
Rob - Pick up and re-distribute cones
Tim - Boys split up in two lines in the corners with the pucks

KTP's - Head up while skating, lead with your stick and puck around turns, all shots to be taken at or beyond the hash marks (good, strong wrist shots).

Tags: puck control, skating with your head up, shooting