Bednar Warm Up Drill

Drill Diagram


O1 and X1 leave their lines with a puck on the whistle to start the drill. X1 skates from the blue line up to the two cones positioned around the centre ice face off circle. Once there, the player will transition from forward skating to backward down to the second cone. Once at the second cone the player will open up and skate forward again, back down toward the boards and around the face off circle, in the zone. As they skate around the circle, they will transition and skate backward as they reach the bottom of the circle. As they reach the inside hash marks they will make a pass to X2 in the opposite line they started from and then follow their pass and get in their line.

X1 starts at the same time as 01 and follows a similar pattern using the two cones above the face-off dot. Their pattern finishes with them skating along the blue line and passing to X2 in the opposite line. They will follow their pass and get in the opposite line.

Run the drill at both ends of the ice.

Tags: Skating, transitions and puck control