Half Ice Skating Drill - Wrist Shots

Drill Diagram

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One half of the ice setup 2 lines (one on either side of the goalie net). 1 player from each line leaves at the same time. Players skate from their line to where the blue line meets the boards and stop, skate along the blue line to a cone and stop, then drive out and around the cone up near the face-off dot in the neutral zone,and finish by skating along the boards and get back in the opposite line.

At the other end, a coach will start by having the kids focus on the finish to their wrist shot. players will not be able to load up their shot, but start with their stick on the ice focusing on following through and rolling their wrists.

Notes: make sure players are alternating lines so they develop stops and starts in both directions

Tags: skating, stopping, puck control, shooting